Hello again!

I’ve been waiting to get some real photoshoot pictures of the costumes I made to post about it, but by the amount of time that’s lapsed since my last post it’s evident that it won’t be happening soon. At the very least, I should just roll with what I’ve got and post about it later when/if the shoots happen.

I’ve been doing a lot more creative work in the last several months than I have in about the one or two years beforehand. I interspersed the journals I’ve been working on since last year with a couple of costume pieces inspired by a video game I love to play called FallOut. For my non-gamers it  imagines what things could be like if a world-wide nuclear apocalypse happened in a world where the 50’s idea of the future had taken place. Very retro, very apocalyptic.

The first piece made is a shirt I imagined belonging to a lady sniper. It has elements like a butt-pad for the stock of a rifle to rest against made from an old leather catcher’s mitt, attached utility harness for clipping needed tools and bags to, reinforced sides, kill trophies, and even a spot of damage from when she took a hit somehow and had to sew up a bloody hole.


The main point of fun in this sort of costume design is the scavenging and reusing aspect. New materials simply wouldn’t exist in that kind of world, so you make whatever you can find work. I’d hoped to have my friend model for the shoot, as she’s petite enough to fit the shirt and is generally rocking some kind of punk-tastic hairstyle that would lend itself well to the shoot, but getting the shoot together has proven difficult. She lives a couple of hours away, and I’m never 100% committed to any of the locations around here enough to drag her all the way up yet. There is a place in town that would be completely perfect, but when we tried going there for another shoot, it was gated off and had mysterious RV’s parked outside. I’ve since been trying to contact the owner of the property to secure permission to be out there, but finding out who that is has been a challenge.

It’s the old fisherman’s co-op here in Richmond Hill, if anyone is feeling Sherlock Holmes-ey.


The only elements on this shirt that are just for show are the badges and trophies. I designed everything else to be as wearable and usable as possible. As such, the utility harness made from various belts and straps ties and belts on, but is also completely removable and even reasonably comfortable to wear. Nothing in the wasteland would be kept if it couldn’t be used, and the costumes I create try to reflect that.

I might just try to lose a couple of pounds and model this myself. I’ve tried it on, and I have to confess to feeling immediately like a complete bad-ass.

The second costume I put together was for my little one, Lulah. I designed a little kid punk-style vest, and had a complete costume idea in my head.


It took a while to find the perfect dress, and her bear hat still isn’t exactly as I envisioned it, but I’ll get to work on it soon (I’ll have to before she outgrows the vest! It won’t be long now). We got her all dirty and made-up for the shoot, but then the co-op was closed off and I couldn’t think of anywhere else in time to still catch the daylight, so I just snapped a few quick photos in the driveway.

Little Lamplight has a new mayor

Before anyone has a cow, that’s a Red Ryder BB gun, and a broken one at that. Even if Lulah wanted to shoot her eye out, it would be physically impossible.

She comes up with her poses entirely on her own.


We definitely need to get more, better, photos of this costume taken. There are so many cool details that I’d like to show, and I don’t have a mannequin small enough to take stills. It won’t be long before the vest goes up for sale, I think. It’s already a little small. I just wish we could do a FallOut family theme for Halloween this year before that happens!

The batch of four similar-but-not-the same journals are nearly finished, and I’ll make a separate post just for them. Only two will actually be available, in the end. One I already finished and mailed off to the friend of a friend who is having more than her fair share of hardships thrown at her. I don’t really know what the journal is going to do for her, but I just wanted to do something. Another I decided to keep for Lulah when she’s older. What’s the point of having a mom that makes things if she never makes things for you, amiright? I really feel like I’m improving drastically with these weird journal things. These four are the best I’ve made yet and I already feel like I can do much better. Even though I have plans for four or five new styles of journal, I’m going to take a quick break from them to make some other, smaller and quicker, things first. I’m thinking about opening a stall at one of those antique malls, as I just don’t know how well these journals can sell online at the price they’ll need to be to make up for the time it takes to create one. I feel like people will need to hold one in their hands and look through it to really understand what they have there. What do you think? Would making a video that goes through each journal page be a step in the right direction?


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